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VIDEO: Audience Development Is Not the Same as Circulation & Why the Difference Matters

Too many publishers approach their audience development strategy with the same old-school mindset they use to grow print circulation. They hunt down individuals that they think qualify for a particular magazine, send them a direct mail offer, and try to get them to pay for a subscription. Today audience development is much more complex, thanks to the rise of digital media. Publishers can connect with new audiences through a variety of channels, from email to social media and online advertising, and they can personalize their messaging to the individual. It's imperative that media companies evolve their audience development strategy to keep pace with these changes. In the following video sales expert and former Cygnus CEO John French explains how media companies can rethink their audience development strategy and connect their clients with the right consumers. A successful audience development strategy, says French, is one that empowers publishers to provide a completely unique and engaged audience to advertisers. French is co-founder of French LLC., an advisory firm aimed at helping media executives transforming their companies for a digital- and data-driven world. Have a question about media revenue strategies? Send your question to

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